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Young Christian Students (YCS)

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Teachers-in-charge             :           Mdm. Cecelia John and Mdm. Shirley Ho


President                               :   Zacqueline Zee Gombek (5sc1)

Vice President                       :   Allyssa Amanda (5sc1)

Secretary                               :   Jacintha Shera (5sc2)

Vice Secretary                       :   Mardiana Taman (5sc2)

Treasurer                               :   Shania Siut (5a1)

Vice Treasurer                       :   Praveen Kaur (4sc2)

Multimedia 1                          :   Edith Elspeth (5sc1)

Multimedia 2                          :   Chantal Lim (5sc3)

Public Relation Officer           :   Ann Marie Teng (3a1)

AJK                                        :   Constance Rose (4sc2)


Motto  : By the students, With the students, For the students



The YCS movement led for, by and among the secondary students, derives its energy from Christ and has the mission of the Church among students. It believes in the See, Judge and Act Method as a way of life.


YCS is a movement which grew out of the ideals of Joseph Cardijn (1882-1967), a Belgian priest who realised that the Church was not in touch with the young people, and that these young people were prevented from making any truly Christian responses to life because of the conditions in which they lived and worked. Due to Cardijn's appreciation of the Gospel, he had a deep respect for the dignity of each individual. The dignity comes from the fact that everyone is called to be sons and daughters of the living God. So, he gathered around him a small group, working on basis of his friendship with them and challenging them to respond to his vision of dignity for all. It took her nine starts before a group was prepared to work on his vision.

It was in 1925 and the Movement became the Young Christian Workers (YCW). YCS was started to promote the same values in the students' world.

One of the most important characteristics of the YCS is that it is a student movement, this means that

-       YCS is led for, by and among students.

-       YCS is based on friendship between students.

-       YCS knows that the experts on reality facing students are students.

-       YCS believes in any kind of studies and that unfolds our potential to love, or that helps us understand our world and God.


What are our activities?

- telematches

- combined gatherings

- Leadership Formation Camp (LFC)

- Coffee Morning

- Mid-Year Camp (MYC)

- Joseph Cardijn Camp (JCC)

- KYCS Carolling

- Conferences

“YCS is precisely this; a movement of young students, who in and by and with young

Students, in and by all the acts of their daily lives, form each other,

support each other, help each other, love each other and together

prepare themselves for their future. “

Joseph Cardijn

Inspiration of YCS

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Interact Club

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Interact 2016


Teachers-in-charge:  Madam Tan Pek Huang, Madam Marjolyn Michael, Madam Flecia bt. Jossillin


President: Sheila May Richard

Vice president: Bibiana Bobby

Secretary: Sharon Chin Fung Fung

Treasurer: Komalroop Kaur Sahote

Directors of International Understanding:

- Ezryn Ezzaz bt. Safri Busfana

- Dayangku Arina bt. Awang Muda Sabtu

Director of Publicity: Jezebel Siong Jing

Director of Club Service: Chantal Lim Xin

Director of Community Service: Davyna Abysha A/P Gunasegharan

Director of Funding: Audrey Francis

Sergeant at Arms: Shannen Ng Shi Hui


First row (from left): Komalroop Kaur Sahote, Bibiana Bobby, Madam Marjolyn Michael, Madam Tan Pek Huang, Sheila May Richard,Sharon Chin Fung Fung

Second row (from left): Audrey Francis, Davyna Abysha A/P Gunasegharan, Chantal Lim Xin, Shannen Ng Shi Hui, Ezryn Ezzaz bt. Safri Busfana, Dayangku Arina bt. Awang Muda Sabtu, Jezebel Siong Jing


Ever since its establishment in October 1997, St. Teresa's Interact Club has been making waves through its charitable activities under the guidance of Rotarians of Kuching Jaya. Officially registered on the 23rd of April 1998, the Interact Club has a vision to help improve the living standards of our society by rendering services, performing charitable works while having closer ties and forging bonds between themselves and the community

Annual activities and projects by the Interact Club include Valentine's Day Sale, Welcoming Trip for new interactors, community service, fund-raising activities and so on.

Each and every interactor abides by the motto "Service Above Self".

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Photography and Videography

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Our school's Photography and Videography club was founded in 2008 due to constant requests by our school's talented photographers. 

The club is led by Mr. Noradzahar Hussein and Mr. Haji Yasmin. It's also " adopted " by Kenyalang's Photography Club (KFK)

“In photography you can never express yourself directly, only through optics, the physical and chemical processes. It is this sort of submission to the object and abnegation of yourself that is exactly what pleases people about photography.  What is extraordinary is that, despite this submission and abnegation, the personality of the photographer shines through all the obstacles. In the end, images convey personality just as strongly as in a drawing.” (Brassai, quoted in Paul Hill and Thomas Cooper)


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