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Organization Chart

Teachers in-charge                  :           Mdm. Chong Chin Yee

          Mr. Lim Horng Chyuan

President                                             :           Deborah Lim Hong Ru

Secretary                                             :           Chantal Lim Xin

Committee members               :Form 5            :  Allyssa Amanda Anak Jihill           

Form 4            :  Audrey Ng Wan Yin

Form 3            :  Kezia Razell

Form 2            :  Jawai Anak Maurice

Form 1            :  Shanice Evangeline

The main objectives of this club are to enhance health and teamwork among the members. The club consists of about 60 members. Practices are held every Saturday from 7:30 a.m. till 9:00 a.m. at Civic Centre. Activities such as telematches, 3-on-3 matches among sport houses and friendly matches with other schools are held throughout the year.

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Crime Prevention Club

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The Crime Prevention Club was established in the year 2000. The aim of the club is to educate fellow club members about ways to prevent crime. Besides that, the club also helps to strengthen co-operation among students to prevent crimes in school. The SMK St. Teresa Crime Prevention Club is under assistance of the Kuching Central Police Department.

Through the activities organized by the Crime Prevention club, it is hoped that the crime rate in school can be reduced.

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Literary, Debating and Drama

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-       Miss Susie Mathew Ain

-       Madam Phyllina Diana Morison

-       Madam Chan Leh Na

-       Madam Lee Moo Hung

-       Madam Ho Soon Tet

-       Mr. Abang Ahmad bin Abang Ballia

Board of Committee:

-       President            : Davyna Abysha A/P Gunasegharan

-       Vice-President 1 : Dayangku Arina binti Awang Muda Sabtu

-       Vice-President 2 : Mildred Rosabel Paul Vincent

-       Secretary            : Ezryn Ezzaz binti Safri Busfana

-       Vice-Secretary     : Averil Sim Kim Yuan

-       Treasurer            : Edith Elspeth Joe

-       Vice-Treasurer    : Sharon Chin Fung Fung

The Literary, Debating and Drama Society (LDADS) was established in the year 2002 and was later named The English Language Society (ELS) in 2013. Many activities have been carried out by its members besides participating in the annual Swinburne Debate Competition, the annual Drama Competition and the annual Spell-It-Right Competition. The club was established to attract more students to join activities which would bring many benefits to them in the future. The ELS in school is just another club to introduce students to the debating and performing arts as well as to nurture students’ skills in literature and public speaking.

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Home Economics Club

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Under the Guidance of Madam Margeret Bedus, girls of our school learn how to cook and manage the household in the present and future. During their meetings, they discuss cooking recipes, sewing techniques and basic housewife knowledge.

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Interschool Christian Fellowship (ISCF)

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Teachers-in-charge : Madam Lee Moo Hung

                                  Madam Jong Oi Wei

President                : Brixelle Joyce Ak Podhin

Vice President        : Vanessa Bua Ak Jonathan

Secretary                : Celine Pu Jia En

Treasurer                : Eva Merara Kennedy 

AJK                         : Cheryl Tan Shen Wey

  SHALOM!  The ISCF ( Inter –School Christian Fellowship )  with its motto “To know Christ and make Him known” is an official club in SMK. St.Teresa, Kuching.  ISCF is inter-denominational so students who are from any Christian denominations can join this club. Typical ISCF meetings commences with Praise and Worship, continues with reading the words from our holy scripture The Bible and ends with prayers said by the teacher or any committee member. At times, other games are held.  Our members also take part in inter-school camps and Postal Bible Quiz annually.

All the activities are aimed at strengthening our faith that must stand firm, seeing that young students are easily influenced by peers and social media nowadays.

“And you shall love the LORD your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind, and with all your strength”   - Mark 12 : 30 -

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