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Literary, Debating and Drama

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-       Miss Susie Mathew Ain

-       Madam Phyllina Diana Morison

-       Madam Chan Leh Na

-       Madam Lee Moo Hung

-       Madam Ho Soon Tet

-       Mr. Abang Ahmad bin Abang Ballia

Board of Committee:

-       President            : Davyna Abysha A/P Gunasegharan

-       Vice-President 1 : Dayangku Arina binti Awang Muda Sabtu

-       Vice-President 2 : Mildred Rosabel Paul Vincent

-       Secretary            : Ezryn Ezzaz binti Safri Busfana

-       Vice-Secretary     : Averil Sim Kim Yuan

-       Treasurer            : Edith Elspeth Joe

-       Vice-Treasurer    : Sharon Chin Fung Fung

The Literary, Debating and Drama Society (LDADS) was established in the year 2002 and was later named The English Language Society (ELS) in 2013. Many activities have been carried out by its members besides participating in the annual Swinburne Debate Competition, the annual Drama Competition and the annual Spell-It-Right Competition. The club was established to attract more students to join activities which would bring many benefits to them in the future. The ELS in school is just another club to introduce students to the debating and performing arts as well as to nurture students’ skills in literature and public speaking.

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