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Book Review by Mdm Tan Pek Huang

            Book Review is an all-year-round activity carried out by, and for, teachers and non-teaching staff of SMK St. Teresa, Kuching.  It is a form of in-service training which aims at widening their horizon.

            On 22 June, 2016, Madam Tan Pek Huang shared with other teachers an interesting read entitled “The Power of a NEW Attitude”.  The author attributed failures of most of us to our own responses.  The temptation is to blame others or circumstances without realizing the obvious reality that most of us are our own worst enemy.

            This book explores 19 “behavitudes” – behaviours that stem from wrong attitudes – that can help us evaluate our own life to identify and change our self-defeating behaviours.  With those insights, we can achieve our goals and live the successful live we dream of.


book review



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