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25th Anniversary STS Symphonic Concert Band:"Classics"

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     On the 24th of March 2018, the school's symphonic concert band had a concert themed "Classics" to celebrate its 25th anniversary (The band was formed in 1993). The concert lasted for almost 3 hours and a variety of songs, including those from Star Wars to The Beatles, were performed.

     There were also combined performances involving a solo vocalist and the school dance club as well as a special performance by the St Joseph's Private School Concert Band. The St Teresa school band had a collaboration with the concert band of St Joseph Private School in which they performed a medley of songs by Teresa Teng featuring the solo vocalist, Vivian Teo.
     Also performing with them were 3 guest musicians from Hornbill Brass along with 2 guest conductors. A lot of effort was put into this concert by the teachers in-charge, the band instructor as well as all the band members to ensure that it was a success.
Love and Serve,
Jessica Lee
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