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Motivational talk

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A Motivational Talk For Students In The Science Stream
On the 9th October 2017, two of our very own substitute teachers, Miss Fiona Ng and Mr. Brian Toma, gave a motivational talk to the Form 4 science stream students. The talk was held in AVA room and started at around 10.30 a.m. Miss Fiona began the session with her talk entitled ‘You Are the Architect of Your Life’. In her talk, she stressed on the more academic side of a student, giving tips on how to tackle difficult subjects and how to stay optimistic. After her session, Mr. Brian started with his session entitled, ‘ Mental Preparation’. In his talk, Mr. Brian pointed out how having a healthy mindset can affect the future of that student. Both being doctors, they shared the ups and downs they had to face to get to this point of their lives. Their awe-inspiring and informative talk really gave a big impact to the students who were present. The talk ended at around 12 noon.
Love and serve,
Charlotte Patrick Arjunan