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Special Assembly on Cooperative Day

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On the 24th May 2017, our school had its annual Cooperative Day Assembly. Though not as grand as the one held last year, we still had the assembly which was attended by the principal and other senior assistants of the school.

The assembly started at 7.05 a.m. with the singing of the national and state anthems followed by the recitation of the doa and prayer by two of our students. Then, our principal, Madam Mary John gave a speech about the school cooperative and how important it is to have one in the school. She then read out the message from the Ministry of Education of Malaysia. After that, two of the members from the school cooperative, Victoria Leong and Sareena Lim from 5Sc1, came forward to talk about the school cooperative and how it benefits the students and the teachers of the school. All in all, it turned out to be a great assembly to appreciate how our school cooperative has benefitted all its stakeholders.

Love and serve,

Charlotte Patrick Arjunan


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