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Talk on Thalassemia

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Talk on Thalassemia.

On the 18th April 2017, a team of medical officers led by Dr. Farid came to our school to conduct a Thalassemia screening session for all Form Four students. The session for the day involved only three classes-4SC1, 4SC2 and 4SC3. The activity started at 8:40a.m. Before the session, Dr. Farid first gave a short introduction on what Thalassemia is and the purpose of having the screening. In his introduction, he mentioned that Thalassemia is an inheritable disease that is incurable. Later, a video was also shown to improve our understanding on the disease and the importance of going through the screening. At 8:50 a.m. the blood screening session started. The students were called according to their classes, with the students of 4SC1 going first, followed by 4SC2 and finally 4SC3. This activity will be carried out for the next two days until all the Form Four classes have gone through the screening.

Love and serve,

Charlotte Patrick Arjunan.

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