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Spell-It-Right Challenge 2016

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RHB New Straits Times National Spell-It-Right Challenge 2016 was held on 21 August, 2016 from 9.30 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. at Hills Shopping Mall, Kuching.

The Challenge was organised by RHB and New Straits Times.

8 students of our school were among the top 100 finalists to compete in the Sarawak State Challenge in Kuching.  They had sat for the preliminary written test in May before they could participate in the final state challenge.

Participants from our school are as follows:

1. Alicia Kok Su Yin ( Class 1A1 )

2. Celine Chua Hui Yue ( 3A1 )

3. Danyelle Ngiam Chia Wun ( 3A1 )

4. Rachel Rowena Vincent ( 3A1 )

5. Amanda Ngu Teng Teng ( 4S1 )

6. Sareena Lim ( 4S1 )

7. Audrey Stefanie Anak Julip ( 4S1 )

8. Ashley Voon Hsien Mei ( 4S1 )

Amanda Ngu Teng Teng emerged as the winner of the Sarawak State Challenge.  She received the first prize that is, RM3000 in cash.  She will join the National Spell-It-Right Challenge in Kuala Lumpur in October, 2016.

All participants received a goody bag and a certificate from the organiser.