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A Celebration of Sarawak's Independence Day

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On the 21st of July, 2016, a celebration was held in SMK St. Teresa with the theme “Ceria Mesra Merdeka”. During the celebration, every classroom in the morning session was decorated with colourful flags and lights.

              The celebration started with an assembly specially held in Teresian Hall. Madam Mary John, our principal, gave a speech on school’s activities during the assembly. Later, a video on how Sarawakians attained independence was played.Then, the winners of various competitions held were announced and called onstage to receive certificates and prizes given out by the principal and Madam Euphrasia . The assembly ended by the singing of the school song.

              As soon as the assembly ended, students went back to their class to lay out food items that they had brought along. Food served included noodles, satay and rendang. The principal and teachers visited all the classes to celebrate the joyous occasion with students. Some teachers were given the task to give grades to students’ creativity to decorate their class and receive their visitors. Prizes would be given to the class with the highest mark. The celebration ended during recess time. Students cleaned their classrooms before teachers came into their class for lessons there after.

Love and serve,

Nur Atheera

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