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The Installation of New Prefects and Announcement of Students with Good Discipline

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Date : 22nd of June 2016
Time : 7:05 a.m. to 8:15 a.m.
Venue : Teresian Hall, SMK St. Teresa, Kuching

The assembly started with the singing of “Negaraku” and “Ibu Pertiwiku”, followed by “doa” and prayer. After that, Madam Izzati gave an account of the weekly report prepared by teachers who were on their fortnightly duty. It was followed by the installation ceremony of new prefects. The prefect were given their name tags and certificates by Madam Euphrasia. Then, the students who showed good discipline from each class were announced. Badges and certificates were given to them by Mr. Teo. Lastly, the girls who won the chess competition were announced. Ms. Susie was invited to give out their medals. With that, the assembly ended after school song was sung.

Love and serve,
Caryn Hii.

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