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Co-Operative Club

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            Hi! This is the Co-op Club! In our co-op store on top of the hill adjacent to the 5S1 classroom, you can buy stationery, sushi, burgers, banana crisp, canned drinks, pau, pudding, ice cream and jellies prepared by our beloved teacher, Puan Tan.

            The school co-op is opened 4 times a day that is, 6.45 a.m. to 7 a.m., recess in the morning, 11.20 a.m. to 12 noon, and recess in the afternoon. Co-op is also operative during exams as it is understood that students would need refreshment after a tough test to boost their energy.

            P/s: If ever you forget to bring your stationery for the exam, remain composed as there is the school co-op. By the way, the food items sold are tasty and cheap. What's more,  you receive bonus at the end of the year.

            In brief, I would encourage Teresians to patronise the co-op as the more you buy, the more you gain. We look forward to serve you there!

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