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Prefects' Leadership Camp 2016

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On the 10th and 11th of March, 2016, the authorities and council members of the Prefectorial Board 2015/2016 held its annual Prefects’ Leadership Camp in school. The theme of the camp was “The Hunger Games”. As the theme suggested, the prefects-to-be were divided into Districts to compete among themselves.

The camp was organised in order to build and enhance leadership skills among the prefects of St. Teresa’s Secondary School. Not only that, the camp was also held to strengthen relationships and bonds among its participants. The mission of the camp was to mould them to be disciplined and responsible, on top of training them to work as a team.

Activities held such as Group Formation, Scavenger Hunt and Real Life Re-enactment had brought out esprit de corps in them. Before the camp ended, District 3 was given the prize for the best group in station games.

With full cooperation from the authorities, council members and all participants, the camp was a success.

Love and serve,
Nur ‘Izzah

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