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Madam Betty Singga’s Retirement Ceremony

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On the 24th February, 2016, a special assembly was held in the Teresian Hall. The objective of the assembly was to hold a retirement ceremony for one of our teachers, Madam Betty Singga who would officially retire on the 27th February 2016.


The ceremony commenced with a speech from our ‘Pengetua Cemerlang’, Madam Mary John. After that, Madam Betty was invited to present her speech. Madam Betty was the designated counselling teacher for our school’s afternoon session students. Her duration of service in our school amounted to 5 years, 2 months whereas her service as a teacher lasted 37 years and 2 months. Madam Betty hoped that all her beloved students would work hard to achieve their goals.


Later, the band performed the song ‘Auld Lang Syne’.  After the performance, the school board and a few uniformed bodies presented their respective souvenirs to Madam Betty as a token of appreciation for her hard work.


At 1.10 p.m., the assembly ended. Madam Betty’s motherly smile and presence in our school will be dearly missed. We wish her a happy retirement!


Love and Serve,

Deborah Lim.




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