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Malaysia Day 2015

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            On the 15th of September 2015, a special assembly was held in conjunction with Malaysia Day, 2015. The assembly was held from 7.20 a.m. to 12.00 p.m. All the students and teachers gathered in the hall for the celebration. The objective of this event was to promote the spirit of patriotism among Teresians.

             After that, Madam Mary John presented her speech. The event was then followed by the presentation of certificates and prizes to the winners of various competitions held throughout the month.

            The even that followed was the cake-cutting ceremony for teachers and students whose birthdays are on the 15th and 16th of September. The assembly then continued with the singing of this year’s theme song for Malaysia Day entitled “Sehati Sejiwa”.

            Next, Nur Hanim recited a poem accompanied by an instrumental music played by Latecia Tania, Rinai and Darwina. A short film based on the formation of Malaysia was presented, followed by a History quiz based on the film.

            Besides that, the school brass band played 2 songs entitled “Sejahtera Malaysia” and “Tanah Pusaka”. The next performance was a solo “Sejahtera Malaysia” sung by Olive Faith, which left the crowd mesmerized.

            The next performance in store for the event was put on by Nur Edriana who sang the song “Generasi Muda Pemangkin Aspirasi 1 Malaysia” accompanied by Natasha Chin, Vini Bong, Ivy Ong and Clara Calida. Other than that, a catwalk of traditional costumes was done by St. Teresa’s very own students. Next, the school’s Kelab Tarian & Kebudayaan members danced to the tune of a “1 Malaysia” dance.

            After that was the announcement of the 3 best-dressed students of the occasion. The prizes were bagged by Sandy Rose, Theresa Lydia and Olive Faith. Before the event ended, Encik Awang Kok Omar and a few other teachers sang a patriotic song entitled “Warisan". Everyone then joined in to the singing of the next three patriotic songs which were “Jalur Gemilang”, “1 Malaysia” and “Keranamu Malaysia”. Everyone sang the songs proudly in the name of Malaysia with the waving of the national and state flags.

            The celebration ended at 12.00 p.m. Everyone had a great time and left with more knowledge of their country. They were reminded of how important the history of the country was for the younger generations.

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