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Leo Club's Community Service Project

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Our school’s Leo Club organized a community service project and it was carried out on the 26th of March 2015 at SK Tanjong Bako. The objectives of this project are to instill leadership and to enhance teamwork among the members.

The Leo Club collaborated with the English Language Society and the Kuching City Lions Club for this project. A total number of 46 Leo Club members, 8 English Language members participated in this project and was supervised by 4 teachers from both clubs.

At seven in the morning, all the members gathered in school and attendance was taken. After that, the members helped to sort out the gifts and carried them into the bus. We departed from school at 7:15 in the morning.


About an hour later, we arrived at SK Tanjong Bako. Upon arrival, we were greeted by the friendly headmaster of SK Tanjong Bako, Encik Mustapha as we moved on to the school hall.

Our morning at the school started with the singing of the National Anthem, Negaraku and the State Anthem, Ibu Pertiwiku and was continued with a prayer followed by speeches by the headmaster of SK Tanjong Bako, Encik Mustapha, Lion Sheila Adenan and Leo Nur Amiera Batrisyia.

                   P3264138      P3264180

After that, we continued with the grouping of the students. The students were grouped according to their age. They walked back to their respective classrooms together with the members assigned for their groups. It took about an hour for everyone to complete the activities. The primary one and two students had a coloring competition. On the other hand, the primary three and four students played with balloons. It was charades for the primary five and six students. The winner of each game was given a prize right after the game.

             P3264320    P3264305

The students had their lunch break at ten in the morning. Our members took this chance to stroll around the school. Later, we went back to the school hall to get ready to clean their school field. The students had their eyes checked while waiting for us to complete our cleaning.


We were finally done cleaning around eleven thirty in the morning.The day continued with the gifts distribution to each and every student. The students received snacks, stationeries, and drinks that were contributed by the members of the Leo Club and English Language Society of our school. The Lions from Kuching City Lions Club also donated a few pairs of school uniforms and it was given out to selected students.

Before departing for school, we had our lunch at the school canteen. At around twelve in the afternoon, we departed back to school and had an enjoyable bus ride. It was a memorable project even though we were all tired and exhausted at the end of the day. We hope to have more projects like this in the future.

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