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Zumba Fitness Party 2017

On the 12th August, 2017, SMK. St Teresa conducted yet another fund-raising activity, the Zumba Fitness Party. The activity was held at the Center Atrium, Vivacity Megamall. The event started at around 2 p.m. and was led by a group of dancers from Shake It Studio. After about an hour, the lucky draws were held. A total of 15 out of 80 prizes were given out to 15 lucky winners. The remaining prizes were to be given to the winners in school the following Tuesday. All in all, it was a great activity to meet friends and get fit!

Love and serve,

Charlotte Patrick Arjunan.


Tabletop Competition 2017

On the 5th and 6th August 2017, the Tabletop Competition was held at St. Joseph’s Secondary School from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Four students from our school participated in the competition and they were Amanda Ngu, Leezzie John, Audrey Stefanie and  Alya binti Rafaie. Our school team emerged as the 1st runner-up out of the 13 schools competing and they won a cash prize worth RM1000 as well as RM350 for the school.

Love and serve,

Jasmine Cassandra Tan.


A Talk on How to Excel In the Subject Sejarah

             On the 3rd and 4th of August, a talk on how to score for Sejarah in SPM was conducted in the AVA room for the Form 5 students as SPM mock exam and SPM are just around the corner. A former teacher of SMK St Teresa, Mr Yasmin, was invited. During the talk, he shared a lot of tips on how to answer the Sejarah paper (precisely on how to answer the paper 2 of this subject). The art stream students and the science stream students attended the talk on different days.

Love and Serve,

Nur Atheera


Inter-house Netball Tournament

Inter-house Netball Tournament

On the 3rd of August, 2017, the six Sports Houses of SMK. ST Teresa
competed in an Inter-House netball tournament. The tournament started at
7.30 a.m. on the school field. There were 10 members in each team,
comprising of seven players and three reserve players. The competition was
stiff as each team played in the scorching heat. At around 12, the players
had a break for lunch before resuming to the finals at 2.30, during the
battle of two strongest Sport Houses, Egan and Conaughton. In the end, the
Egan Sports House emerged as the champion and the results were as follows:

Champion: Egan

Second place: Connoughton

Third place: O’Driscoll

Fourth place: Cheetham

Fifth place: Leitner

Sixth place: Sylvia

All in all, the players had a great time together even when they were vying
to outdo one another.

Love and serve,

Charlotte Patrick Arjunan.


Highly Immersive Programme

On the 2nd of August 2017, a special assembly was held in conjunction with Highly Immersive Programme. Highly Immersive Programme is a programme in which everyone in the school has to make an effort to speak in English. The assembly began with the usual routine, followed by a talk from Miss Susie, the head of the Language Department. After the talk, the assembly resumed with a more detailed explanation about Highly Immersive Programme by Mabel from 5S2 Class. Marsya from the same class also shared an Asian folklore called “Bawang Merah, Bawang Putih” in English. All the students of SMK St Teresa were encouraged to speak in English as English is a global language. The assembly then ended by the singing of our school song.

Love and serve,

Priyathasyini A/P Kanan.


2017 ITF Sarawak Invitation Inter-school Taekwondo Championship

During the ITF Sarawak Invitation Interschool Taekwondo Championship 2017, our school ITF club members did our school proud by their achievements in following events:
✔Black Belt Individual Sparring: - Angeline Bong 2A1 (Bronze)
✔Colour Belt Individual Sparring - Lahae 2A3 (Silver)
✔Colour Belt Individual Pattern

ITF Danyelle 4A2 (Silver)
✔Teresian Team 1 (Jovis, Danyelle, Adriana, Giwei) - 4 Bronze
✔Teresian Team 2 (Lahae, Jovis, Chloe, Natalie ) 4 Silver


A Celebration of Sarawak Day

On the 19th of July 2017, a special assembly was held in conjunction with Sarawak Day which falls on 22nd of July.  The assembly commenced with the usual routine, followed by a speech from the principal, Madam Mary John. After the speech, the assembly resumed with a mini quiz on the history of Sarawak organised by the History teachers. The students also sang the first two state anthems of Sarawak, namely Fair Land Sarawak and Sarawak Bahagia, to commemorate the independence of Sarawak. The 6 lucky winners of the mini quiz were announced at the end of the assembly. To conclude, the special assembly had been a meaningful one indeed.

Love and serve,

Jasmine Cassandra Tan.

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