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Hari Permuafakatan

Hari Permuafakatan 2017 (Results-Slip Day)


          On the 22nd of April 2017, “ Hari Permuafakatan “ was held from 7.30 a.m. to 11.30 a.m. The purpose of having "Hari Permuafakatan" is to inform parents of their children's  first-term examination results and their behaviour in school. Class teachers also gave advice and moral support to students who did not do well in the examination.

It is hoped that through the meeting, students' results were going to improve.


Love and Serve,

Nur Atheera Binti Zulkarnain.


Talk on Thalassemia

Talk on Thalassemia.

On the 18th April 2017, a team of medical officers led by Dr. Farid came to our school to conduct a Thalassemia screening session for all Form Four students. The session for the day involved only three classes-4SC1, 4SC2 and 4SC3. The activity started at 8:40a.m. Before the session, Dr. Farid first gave a short introduction on what Thalassemia is and the purpose of having the screening. In his introduction, he mentioned that Thalassemia is an inheritable disease that is incurable. Later, a video was also shown to improve our understanding on the disease and the importance of going through the screening. At 8:50 a.m. the blood screening session started. The students were called according to their classes, with the students of 4SC1 going first, followed by 4SC2 and finally 4SC3. This activity will be carried out for the next two days until all the Form Four classes have gone through the screening.

Love and serve,

Charlotte Patrick Arjunan.


Let’s Rebuild St. Teresa Charity Run

On the 8th April 2017, SMK. St. Teresa organized yet another fund-raising activity in collaboration with Lea Sports Centre- the Let’s Rebuild St Teresa Charity Run. The event started at SMK.ST. Teresa’s school carpark. The day started with the handing over of mock cheque to Madam Mary John, principal of the school. Next was the presenting of souvenirs to all the VIPs who attended the event. A total of RM70,300 was collected from over 1100 participants. The flag-off for the 5-km run kicked off at 6.55 a.m. while the flag-off for the 1.5-km run was at 7.00 a.m. About an hour later, the lucky draws were held. Approximately 50 prizes were given away, ranging from hampers to gift vouchers. The whole event ended at 9 a.m. Everyone who attended really enjoyed themselves and went back with a smile of satisfaction on their faces.

Love and serve,

Charlotte Patrick Arjunan.   


Special Assembly

                        On the 29th March of 2017, a special assembly was held. The aim of that assembly was to let committee members of two clubs inform students the activities carried out by them.  The assembly also served to encourage students to join various clubs. The two clubs which were involved are Fitness club and Kelab Kebudayaan.  Later, Mr. Teo Jin Ghee was invited onstage to announce the winner of Class Cleanliness Award and Form Three winners of School Lab Competition. The assembly ended by the singing of our school song.
Love and Serve,
Nur Atheera

Aerodance 2017

        On the 11th March 2017, SMK. ST Teresa  had yet another activity to raise funds for the rebuilding of the school hall, that is Aerodance. This activity was held at CityOne Exhibition Centre, Level One, Mall Two from 2 to 4 p.m. More than six hundred patrons turned up that afternoon. Aerodance - a two-hour aerobic exercise -  was led by Encik Busman Noor.


Additional Mathematics Workshop

Additional Mathematics workshop 
The Additional Mathematics workshop organized by Kumpulan Galaksi took place in St. Teresa AVA room on Monday, 27th February, 2017. It was a one-hour-thirty-minute workshop which started from 7 a.m. and ended at 8.30 a.m. 
The guest speaker made use of his humour to help students study and apply different formula to solve different types of questions. After the session, the speakers then promoted their organization and encouraged students to join a seminar held on Sunday, March 12, 2017 to learn more about different techniques of studying Additional Mathematics and other subjects. Most of the students were excited to attend the seminar which cost RM150 to learn more 
Love and Serve, 
Ashley Voon 

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The Rise Concert

The Rise Concert
      On the 18th of February, a concert was held by SMK St. Teresa in order to raise funds for the re-building of the burnt school-hall. This programme was held in the Event Hall of  Viva City Shopping Mall which started at 7.30 p.m. and ended at 9.30 p.m. The concert began with an impressive yet energetic performance by Teresians who lightened up the mood, followed by other performances staged by local artistes of Kuching, Sarawak. 
     The coming up on stage of Shawn Lee, an International Beatboxer, marked the highlight of the concert. The audience was thrilled by his showmanship and the school was appreciative of the help given by different parties in making the concert a success.
Love and Serve,
Nur Atheera 

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